Hi There ! I'm Silviu Catalin Balaci an entrepreneur an IT Consultant a Blockchain enthusiast


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Just a guy with a passion for new technologies, both software and hardware. From the newest programming languages to new software tech to ultra-efficient datacentre equipment, I would be more than happy to assist you and share my experience.

  • Email: accounts@catalinbalaci.com
  • Spoken Langages: Romanian - English
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Blockchain - Tech
2014 - 2018

From custom block explorers to fully automated mass-payment systems to tokens and finally to a fully fledged cryptocurrency payment system, I design and oversee custom blockchain related software that is tailor made according to the clients needs.

Datacentre - Business
2017 - 2018

Experienced in building and managing large scale datacentres. Currently 2 projects done: a 1MW cold-aisle containment datacentre; a 3.5MW hot-aisle containment datacentre with an extremely efficient Evaporative Cooling System.

Software - Architect
2006 - 2018

A vast experience in designing and building large-scale software projects. My focus is always on security, and efficient coding.


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Frankfurt, Germany
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  • Client : Myself
  • Date : long time ago
  • Features : joy and happiness

Always #1.

3.5MW Datacentre

  • Company : Evobits I.T. SRL
  • Date : 06/30/2018
  • Features : High density, Indirect Evaporative Cooling, 600.000 m3/h of air

A very efficient 3.5MW datacentre used for cryptocurrency mining. Unlike most mining operations, this is a real DC: hot aisle containment system, Vertiv Indirect Evaporative Cooling, Innert gas fire suppression, full security monitoring and access control system, 24/7 security.

Evobits I.T. SRL

Cryptocurrency Payment System

  • Client : Confidential
  • Date : 11/01/2017
  • Features : multi-cryptocurrency payment system

A unique trustless cryptocurrency payment system allowing merchants to accept BTC/BCH/ETH/etc. on their site. Having a 100% trustless system, the platform never touches any of the funds, but it tracks all the payments. Merchants can manage their products and inventory, their clients, their invoices, etc.

Evobits I.T. SRL

Cryptocurrency Masspay System

  • Client : Confidential
  • Date : 12/01/2017
  • Features : Easy to use ETH/ETC/XMR mass payment system capable of sending thousands of payments per hour wit 100% success rate.

A custom made Mass Payment system capable of sending thousand of peayments every hour on the ETH/ETC/XMR network. Used by some of the largest Cloud Mining companies to make payments to their clients.

Evobits I.T. SRL